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The Status Crowe Ice Cream has people talking and it is easy to understand why. With unique flavors that are locally sourced and crafted, locals just can't get enough. Find out what others are saying about these delicious treats and then come find us at one of our distribution locations!

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Tony Bishop, Hot Yoga Bowling Green

“One of the best brain freezes in Bowling Green!” 


"Eat-y Gourmet here...

Me an' frozen confections go waaaay back, but this food critic has been silenced by the proof-pudding that is Crowezen Cream by The Status Crowe.

The flavors are only paralleled by the texture/consistency. So many variations...all delicious!

I was recently entertained at an excluzive establishment in my hometown where a wide variety of Status Crowe offerings were served alongside digestifs to the guests.

Everyone was delighted with the selections...all paired wonderfully.

This testimonial reminds me that I have a couple of pints stashed here...Time to raid the goodies in the icebox!”


"I scream, you scream, we all scream for Crowe-zen Cream! 

I love the Crowek by Chocolate and can not wait to try the others!!! 

Treat yourself to some Crowe-zen Cream today...It ROCKS!!!”


"Such a wonderful product made by wonderful people. Love it!”


"My son says Breyers and Graeters should take notes! The delicious flavors live up to the catchy names!!!!” 

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